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internet good morning my name is pokemon trainer Steve  .  welcome to the pokemon go how to get the strongest pokemon tutorial now the first thing you want to make sure is that you can actually catch the Pokemon  . If this is you will get better at this first for even think about watching this video  . I leave actually caught a Pokemon let’s explore exactly what makes Pokemon strong  .  then we’ll talk about how you can get the strongest possible pokemon in pokemon go now the first thing we’re going to look at here is a stack called CP that st . s for combat power  .  the higher your CP of Pokemon the more powerful that Pokemon is going to be here are Pokemon arranged by CP from 442 pidgeot all the way down to a 70 from drowsy first how do pokemon get a CP well all pokemon that you find in a while have a starting CP which you can tell immediately when you encounter one now these Pokemon have a threshold starting at ten going all the way up in that number they can go up to depends on your trainer level you see the Spiro here is 44  .  the piggy was   pokemon go hack generator  this –   pokemon go hack generator no survey android ios  this  https://vk.com/topic-125842090_35275797 –   https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGoCheatsHackGeneratorbox/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf and https://twitter.com/i/moments/866307759234441217   43 meaning they are a little more advanced than the regular based st . ard 10 CP now when you catch a Pokemon he knows a few things the first  .  most important thing is that CP number again  .  just below that is a white arch with a little blip on the end that shows you how far along compared to the maximum CP potential that Pokemon can be  . If they were all the way down on the left is CPU be 10  .  it’s at 43 meeting it’s not even halfway to its potential now how do the Pokemon get its potential well those are all based stats within the game itself  .  a poké balls potential can go higher based on your trainer level so for all intents  .  purposes of  . I had trainer level of 5 the maximum CP of Pidgey would be 100  .


If I were trained level of six that maximum CP could go up to 110 now those numbers are all just based on hypotheticals  .   . I think you guys get the point so what else do you get when you catch pokemon well you get a thing called Stardust you get 100 Stardust per every pokémon you catch  .  you use that to help increase in power of Pokemon you also get a c . y based on the first basic form of that Pokemon as you see here  . I got three Pidgey c . y  .  let me put that theory test with an evolved oh fun so now that we’ve encountered a evolved pokémon as kakuna is the second stage after wheedle let’s just see what happens when we catch this Pokemon  .  what kind of c . y we get of course you will get the 100 Stardust that is a given every single time you get a Pokemon  .  now here we go let’s see now as mentioned this kakuna has three wheedle c . y that came with it because pokemon evolves from Lidl so trying to strengthen a Pokemon with c . y is not that difficult because all you need is the basic form of that Pokemon in order to strengthen up kakuna you do not need kakuta c . y you just need wheedle c . y to strengthen a Metapod you do not need Metapod c . y you just need Caterpie c . y which again you get by catching any form of that Pokemon in the wild now powering up your Pokemon is very easy simply click the Pokemon go to your poké ball click on the Pokemon  .   .


If you have enough Stardust plus the c . y required you click yes your Pope  .  gets a little boost here after one feat  . I one up 28 CP  .   . I went up to HP as you can see this pidgeot is almost at its maximum potential meaning this thing cannot get much stronger than it is right now at my level  . If  . I were to level up my trainer level the maximum potential for pidgeot would increase now there’s another way to get pokemon food for a certain pokemon you get 3 of that base form for catching anyone on that pokémon  .   . If you already have extras you can send one of those extras as you can see have to dinner  .  mail there you can send them to transfer professor to never see them again in exchange for one c . y so essentially one Pokemon is worth 3  .  every additional Pokemon a fat is worth four because you get three for catching them  .  then one for transferring them to the professor this works for any Pokemon as you can see I’ve been to an inner end  .  now Bellsprout  .  now finally evolution  .  how that affects Pokemon in order to evolve Pokemon need a certain amount of food for that base pokémon each of those pokémon will tell you specifically how much you need  .  when you evolve them your Pokemon get a boost however their potential meter stays exactly the same was where it was when you evolve that pokémon  . If you notice where the Rattata was to now where the evolved radek a potential bar is so now there you have it everything you need to know about getting the strongest pokemon possible in Pokemon go hopefully before long you’re taking over Jim’s near you  .


hopefully team valor gym because the other two teams well we don’t want to talk about those so let me know in the comments below  . If you want to know anything else about this game  .  how to videos or just leave a comment  . If you do this or not either way here is well here’s the result of that training with pidgeot demolishing absolutely demolishing a team blue gym better not you st .  no chance Paris you stood no chance  .  of course the final pillar of this gym Evie what we saw on the map will inevitably st .  no chance hope you guys do this video rate comment subscribe for more Pokemon go footage  .  other general Pokemon videos my name is pokemon trainer Steve  .  I’ll see you guys next time face