Clash Royale Generator and Hack is now available in facebook page , Get free gems today

Clash Royale Generator and Hack is now available in facebook page , Get free gems today


hi everyone welcome back to turning on your phone again for hacking clash royale!

im  your host it filled with another big pop up video this how many coaches that are currently breaking this game these pictures are extremely weird they’re kind of r. om .  some of these bitches will even make you win the game .  just saying if you go down below .  you smash the like button you’re going to get the dark coach on the first day of release now just thankful you guys have broken it every single video thank you everybody for killing on this channel .  under two months our channel 1 from having 70 K subscribers to 167 K subscribers well that being said let’s look at these eight clash of glitches that are currently breaking this game number one double musketeer glitch now. in the musketeer challenge a lot of people were getting to Musketeers .  they’re one deck .  that’s because. in this challenge you can actually go ahead to  use this  clash royle hack generator no survey android ios  this and –  and       and this

take the musketeer for yourself .  your opponent can boxes they only give you the musketeer two which means that you end up having two Musketeers. in your deck obviously if you have two Musketeers down you can maybe use this to give yourself an advantage while playing this game mode but to be real the musketeer card itself is very expensive costing you a total of four lectures .  placing now two is going to cost you a deluxe err .  for only one more Luxan you can get a triple musketeer card which is a much better deal than buying two by themselves number two double box really very similar to our pathways. in the vault we job challenge players are able to give themselves their own vault free card .  the opponent back to Delhi to also give them another vault regarding giving the player a total a few of all three cards .  one deck by having too bumpy cards .  one deck this gives the player a much better ability to deal with those very annoying cards like skeleton army golfing gang even solving bills another very delicate card you can also even maybe snow blowing folks with to fall trees the vol.3 has good hit points .  also a lot of good splash number three great guard spell glitch if you place a great read spell down after a clash I’ll battle the spell will actually spawn great parts instead of skeletons but this. in fact isn’t a glitch when a clash off battle does end all the cards on the field end up dying it. the fact that when it’s gotten sponsoring a red spell after clash of battle .  ends up dying .  a tombstone replaces it that already normally happens making this not a glitch number four rapid-fire Sparky glitch you guys are going to notice that every. often your Sparky is going to shoot multiple times without recharging it .  that’s because at this party shoots out of target .  the target dies before the shot does connect with it the sparking is given a second chance .  gets the fire once more. although it looks like you’re Sparky is doing a ton of damage the Sparky is really only doing it one shot worth of damage. in the end jumping King tower glitch although this place is extremely old for some one reason I’ve been getting recent emails others what’s happening. in our current clash all game now the footage sent to me others what’s happening does have footage of you lucky loser inside of it .  that is a very new card. – switch returned to class well maybe it has returned or maybe. i am just getting trolled number four black out home team glitch. players are just playing class while they’re going through their clash I’ll dashboard .  all of a sudden on only iOS devices the screen is going black makes no sense that doesn’t affect the gameplay you can just simply restart the game to get your screen back to normal but a very weird one number five .  family large card magnification glitch for some odd reason if you go ahead .  swap off your deck multiple times over time all of a sudden one of your cards will get extremely large this glitch it doesn’t actually affect your cards.

in the clash all gameplay the cards not going to get super big it only affects your card on the dashboard just a very weird visual glitch number six spectating button not working glitch for some reason some pros having trouble entering a game it is inspected as you’re seeing. in the footage the spectate button isn’t working it may be this which has to do with the person’s internet or maybe it is just a classic would somebody please put down a clear explanation . . i will pin your comments number seven targeting system glitch even though supersoul.

i spread the best to make sure that cards aren’t having targeting problems some cards are still messing up extremely badly yet to the point where they’re becoming useless number eight card pathing glitch this which by far is the most occurring one .  the most r. om one just take a look at the footage these cards are going. in r. om directions which make no sense because obviously as you note. in class all cards are supposed to go to the near target but some cards just aren’t don’t take a look at these hilarious sub oh it’s black .  white Oh thank you everybody for making it to the end of today’s episode if you enjoyed the content found it fun to watch or get educational they don’t like this much appreciated lifetime break poker mm like you guys have inspired from this goal for the whole month of April if you get any cool file clubs anything worth watching they go to my email down below you’ll find it. in the second line of my description .  send me your best pop out book now if you guys are wondering what am. i doing with my Crossrail challenge why my Peck a playhouse max because . im  trying to get my Pekka to level seven it’s 24 cards away from being level 7. . im  just going to hang around. in Pekka play hoes .  tell you get more packets. in my shop – then get it to level 7 all right. I’ll catch you all. in the next clash of video peace out [Music] [Applause] [Music]